Hello! Firstly thanks for finding your way to us. It’s a whole minefield out there of Videographers and Photographers and we’re very happy you’ve got this far into getting to know us!

So we are Mrs Mashup – a husband and wife Film and Photography duo! Yes – We are married. And we work together. And to be honest for the most part it’s great!

I’m Aymie. I’m sort of the hub of the operation. The company was my little baby 5 years ago and it just spiralled out of control – bigger than I ever anticipated! It started from a little (big) nudge from my Dad when I wasn’t happy with the progression where I was working at the time in Television. I was booked the night before for a family friend of a friends cousin’s wedding (!!) And rocked up without any inch of clue what I was doing. It went remarkably well, and I was booked off the back of that for quite a few more Weddings. We did a few wedding fairs together and that’s when it just got out of control! Suddenly I was booked for the whole summer and I pretty much had to quit my job as of immediate effect. I knew I couldn’t do this all alone, so I trained Ben alongside learning myself and we smashed it. I cannot thank all of our first years couples enough. The trust they gave us allowed us to create something amazing that we are incredibly proud of, and we couldn’t have done it without you all!

This is Ben/Bon/Bonnie/Benjamina/Honns, basically whatever you can think to call him and if it sounds slightly German then even better. As cliche as it sounds – he’s my rock and I couldn’t have made it as far as I have without his support and coffee making. He was working with the Ambulance Service when I first sprouted the idea of him joining Mrs Mashup, I’m so sorry to the public services for stealing someone who had genuine passion for the job and was really amazing at it – but he’s also pretty good at film making so every door/window etc. Ben’s first wedding with me he carried all the bags, and while that hasn’t changed he has become an awesome videographer and an absolutely vital part to this whole thing working. He films most of the weddings now, if you book one videographer not two it’ll most likely be him, and we both edit in our cave of biscuits. Where am I when Ben is filming all these weddings? Well..

These two little dumplings live in our house, make smells and mess like you wouldn’t believe but yet make us smile and laugh every single day. They’re vital to keeping us insane! They’re growing up so fast – which is part of the reason Aymie took a step back when Ben became so good! Our oldest already wants to join the company and we’re super excited to be on this journey as a team.

So that’s all there is to know really! I could ramble on forever about the ins and outs of us – but I’ll save that for another time! Get in touch so we can get to know you too!





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